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SolFin’s community-scale, turnkey solar solution empowers residential real estate developers to embrace and market renewable energy homes by taking the work and worry out of solar.

Why Solar Power

Every 100 seconds In 2018, a new solar project was installed

Percent average growth of the solar market over the last 10 years

Million metric tons carbon emissions reduced annually

Source: Solar Energy Industry Association

How SolFin Works

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SolFin works with real estate and solar developers to finance and oversee the development of community-scale, ground mounted solar arrays that generate clean power and result in utility bill savings to homeowners in new residential developments.

By funding the arrays, and acting as liaison to the solar developers, SolFin provides a ready path to clean power for real estate developers, whose buyers are increasingly demanding energy efficiency and sustainability when shopping for new construction.

Provides a turnkey solution for real estate developers

Saves Money

Works for homes that can't use rooftop solar

Solves for the aesthetic challenges of rooftop solar

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